Relationships in God’s Eyes

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Leave It to Beavis

Scripture: 2 Chronicles 34

Topic: Occasions > Graduation

Series: Relationships in God’s Eyes

Leave It to Beavis 2 Chronicles 34:1-8 Dr. Jim Denison In May of 1993, a television show premiered on MTV whose name I cannot repeat in a sermon. You know the title: Beavis and . . . Beavis and his “associate” aired through 1997, though reruns are still being shown. The show dealt explicitly with […]

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A Home in Your Microwave

Scripture: Luke 10

Topic: Spiritual Life > Priorities

Series: Relationships in God’s Eyes

A Home in Your Microwave Luke 10:25-37 Dr. Jim Denison The microwave oven for homes was first sold in America in 1952, and it’s changed our lives so much that sociologists call us the “microwave society.” I’m old enough to remember when popping popcorn meant getting out the popper, putting in the oil, stirring in […]

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Erma Bombeck Was Right

Scripture: 2 Timothy 1

Topic: Occasion > Mother’s Day

Series: Relationships in God’s Eyes

Erma Bombeck Was Right 2 Timothy 1:1-7 Dr. Jim Denison Erma Bombeck was above all a mother. Here’s how she describes Mother’s Day breakfast in her home: “A mixer whirs, out of control, then stops abruptly as a voice cries, ‘I’m telling.’ A dog barks and another voice says, ‘Get his paws out of there. […]

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