Human Experience

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Be Your Brother’s Keeper

Scripture: Genesis 4

Topic: Sin > Human Experience

Series: Living the Blest Life

Topical Scripture: Genesis 4:1–9 An asteroid larger than the tallest building on earth will fly by our planet next month traveling 67,000 miles per hour. Fortunately, scientists say it will miss us by 2.6 million miles. Are other asteroids a greater threat to us? NASA has been studying Near-Earth Objects (NEOs) since the 1970s. They […]

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Bribing God

Scripture: Luke 12

Topic: Human Experience > Greed

Series: Parables of Jesus

Bribing God Luke 12:13-21 James C. Denison The latest Batman movie has grossed $300 million faster than any film in history. I’ve seen it, and was amazed and frightened by Heath Ledger’s Joker along with the rest of the audience. It’s called The Dark Knight for good reason—don’t go expecting a comedy. But while I […]

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Can I Lose My Salvation?

Scripture: 1 John 5

Topic: Human Experience > Doubt

Series: Hard Questions in the Bible

Can I Lose My Salvation? 1 John 5:9-13 Dr. Jim Denison On Sunday morning, September 9, 1973, I asked Jesus Christ to forgive my sins and become my Savior and Lord. But when I finished praying, nothing happened. I saw no lights; I felt no weight lift from my shoulders. My first thought was, “Is […]

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Crown the Right King

Scripture: Genesis 11

Topic: Pride > Human Experience

Series: Live Your Blessed Life

Crown the Right King Genesis 11:1-9 Dr. Jim Denison We’re replacing our church’s outdated phone system these days, an event which reminds me of a story. The major was promoted to colonel and received a fancy new office. As he entered it for the first time, sitting in the nice new chair, a knock came […]

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D-Day and V-Day

Scripture: Romans 7

Topic: Temptation > Human Experience

Series: The Victorious Life

D-Day and V-Day Romans 7:14-25 James C. Denison What’s wrong with me? My parents had every right to ask that question all the years I was in their home. Not all my discipline problems were intentional. When I showed Lamar Daniels my Cub Scout fire-starting abilities in a nearby field, I didn’t know I was […]

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Dealing With Doubts

Scripture: Mark 9

Topic: Human Experience > Doubt

Series: None

Topical Scripture: Mark 9:14-29 There is so much we don’t know about the COVID-19 pandemic. We don’t know when cases in the US will peak or how long they will last afterwards. We don’t know if surviving a COVID-19 infection means we gain long-lasting immunity or if we can become re-infected. We don’t know if […]

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Defrosting the Refrigerator

Scripture: Romans 8

Topic: Temptation > Human Experience

Series: Romans 8

Defrosting the Refrigerator Romans 8:3-4 James C. Denison It’s January, so everyone must be on a diet. Time magazine reports on the latest fads. One aims at men who eat at fast-food restaurants, and tells us to eat a Big Mac (540 calories), not a Whopper (760 calories). I could stay on that diet. One […]

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Faith at Work

Scripture: James 1

Topic: Success > Human Experience

Series: Faith At Work

[email protected] Are you where you’re supposed to be? Dr. Jim Denison James 1:1 For many in our society, place = success. Janet and I moved to Atlanta in 1994 to pastor Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist Church. The church is located in “Buckhead,” a strange name for a residential area. The name comes from a tavern […]

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