The Victorious Life

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The Secret and Your Soul

Scripture: Genesis 3

Topic: Theology > Satan

Series: The Victorious Life

The Secret and Your Soul Genesis 3:1-5 James C. Denison The Secret by Rhonda Byrne has sold more than seven million copies to date. It’s been featured on Oprah Winfrey and talk shows around the country, made into a movie, and is now downloaded as an Internet video. Here are some excerpts which summarize its […]

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D-Day and V-Day

Scripture: Romans 7

Topic: Temptation > Human Experience

Series: The Victorious Life

D-Day and V-Day Romans 7:14-25 James C. Denison What’s wrong with me? My parents had every right to ask that question all the years I was in their home. Not all my discipline problems were intentional. When I showed Lamar Daniels my Cub Scout fire-starting abilities in a nearby field, I didn’t know I was […]

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Getting a Grip on Guilt

Scripture: Psalm 51

Topic: Human Experience > Guilt

Series: The Victorious Life

Getting a Grip on Guilt Psalm 51 James C. Denison On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918, an armistice ending hostilities with Germany went into effect. Its result was the eventual end of World War I. As a consequence, “Armistice Day” was observed each November 11. In 1954, […]

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Words That Changed the World

Scripture: Romans 6

Topic: Theology > Sin

Series: The Victorious Life

Words That Changed the World Romans 6:15-23 James C. Denison We will begin in a rather strange way today. I need to ask you to stand to your feet, please. Now, would you please turn and face the back of the Sanctuary? Now, would you turn and face forward again? Now would you be seated? […]

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