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A Cause Worth Its Cost

Scripture: 2 Samuel 5

Topic: Theology > Sacrifice

Series: Relationships 101

A Cause Worth Its Cost 2 Samuel 5:1-10 Dr. Jim Denison Red Rountree is a 91-year-old man who walks with a cane, is hard of hearing, and pled guilty recently to stealing nearly $2,000 from a bank. According to the Associated Press, this is his third such robbery in less than five years. He held […]

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A Future Worth It All

Scripture: Revelation 21-22

Topic: Theology > Revelation

Series: How to Face the Future

A Future Worth It All Studies in the Book of Revelation Dr. Jim Denison Revelation 21-22 We are on the preparation committee, not the planning committee. Three times in our passage in this study, Jesus promises us, “I am coming soon.” The first Christians took this promise to mean that he would return in their […]

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A Tale of Two Sermons

Scripture: Luke 16

Topic: Theology > Salvation

Series: Parables of Jesus

A Tale of Two Sermons Luke 16:19-31 James C. Denison I have been preaching for 32 years, but I’ve never done what I’m going to do today–preach two sermons in one service. I’m going to preach first the sermon I had planned before Tuesday’s Dallas Morning News was published, and then the sermon I need […]

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All About Miracles

Scripture: Matthew 14

Topic: Theology > Miracles

Series: Knowing Jesus Through Matthew

All About Miracles Matthew 14:22-33 Dr. Jim Denison A friend recently sent me this story. An Amish boy and his mother were in a shopping mall. They were amazed by almost everything they saw, but especially by two shiny, silver walls that could move apart and then slide back together again. The boy asked, “What […]

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An Honest Approach to the Mystery of Suffering

Scripture: Psalm 3

Topic: Theology > Suffering

Series: None

Topical Scripture: Psalm 3 It’s been a hard week in the news. From a three-year-old boy attacked with acid to flooding victims on the East Coast to shootings in Canada to wildfires in Greece and bombings in Pakistan, the headlines have been painful. When we learn of such unfairness, we want to ask how God […]

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Are There Rewards In Heaven?

Scripture: Revelation 21

Topic: Theology > Heaven

Series: Hard Questions

Are there rewards in heaven? Dr. Jim Denison The Academy Awards are presented each February. The winners each receive something called an “Oscar,” though no one knows why. One possible answer is that early on, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences librarian said the statuette represented her Uncle Oscar. An Oscar weighs 8.5 […]

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Avoid I Trouble

Scripture: Genesis 3

Topic: Theology > Satan

Series: Living the Blest Life

Topical Scripture: Genesis 3:1-7 A Gallup poll released this week noted that Republicans’ satisfaction with America’s direction is at its highest point since 2007. However, Democrats’ confidence in the direction of the country is at its lowest point since 2008. Is the country getting better or worse? The answer depends on the person you ask. […]

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Beware Of the Serpent

Scripture: Acts 4

Topic: Theology > Satan

Series: Acts

God’s Power for God’s Purpose Beware of the Serpent Dr. Jim Denison Acts 4:32-5:16 One of Aesop’s fables tells the story of a lion who tailed a herd of oxen but could find no way to attack the young calves he saw as prey. Each time he drew near, the full-grown oxen circled around their […]

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Branded By My Stupidity

Scripture: John 3

Topic: Theology > Salvation

Series: Know That You Know

Branded By My Stupidity John 3:9-16 Dr. Jim Denison What’s the last really dumb thing you did? Mine was just a week ago. I was playing tennis, straining for a backhand, and jammed the end of my racket into my knee. Here’s the funny part. I use a Wilson racket, with a “W” on the […]

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