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Success Remixed

Scripture: Colossians 1

Topic: Success > Human Experience

Series: Finding God in Colossians

Success Remixed Colossians 1:1-14 James C. Denison Last Sunday’s Super Bowl was watched by an estimated one billion people worldwide. And quickly forgotten by everyone except the 800,000 or so residents of Indianapolis. Quick: who won last year? The Pittsburgh Steelers. Who lost? The Seattle Seahawks. Who made it all the way to the Super […]

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Suicide, Scripture, and the Grace of God

Scripture: None

Topic: Suicide > Human Experience

Series: None

Suicide, Scripture, and the Grace of God Dr. Jim Denison More people die from suicide than from homicide in America. Suicide is the third leading cause of death for those aged 15-24, and is most common among those aged 65 years and older. Suicide rates among the elderly are highest for those who are divorced […]

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The Angel Sat On The Stone

Scripture: Matthew 28

Topic: Human Experience > Death

Series: Helping People Love Jesus

The Angel Sat on the Stone Matthew 28:1-10 Dr. Jim Denison Murdo MacDonald was a prisoner of war in Germany and chaplain to American soldiers. After the war was over he told how he learned of the Normandy invasion. Early on D-Day, he was awakened and told that a Scotsman in the British prisoner-of-war camp […]

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The Courage For True Success

Scripture: Acts 14

Topic: Success > Human Experience

Series: The Secrets For True Success

The Courage for True Success Acts 14:19-20 Dr. Jim Denison Dr. Bill Austin, the former Baylor chaplain, enjoyed telling this story on himself. Years earlier in his ministry, God led him from one pastorate to another. An elderly lady in the church he was leaving came to him with great sadness. “We’ll never find another […]

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The Key To True Success

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5

Topic: Success > Human Experience

Series: The Secrets To True Success

The Key to True Success 2 Corinthians 5.16-21 Dr. Jim Denison We’re talking about true success today. In financial terms, Bill Gates comes to mind first. His personal net worth soared above $100 billion before last year’s economic downturn, when it dropped to a mere $55 billion. He could buy every single major league team […]

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The Man Who Prepared for War

Scripture: Judges 3

Topic: Sin > Human Experience

Series: Judges: Principles to Live By

Topical Scripture: Judges 3:12-30 October 10, 2011 was Les and Karen Ferguson’s twenty-fourth wedding anniversary. Les was at a preacher’s meeting when his wife and their twenty-one-year-old son, Cole, were shot to death in their home. The apparent killer had attended their church until being charged with sexually assaulting Cole, who had cerebral palsy. The […]

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The One Thing You Need to Know

Scripture: Colossians 1

Topic: Success > Human Experience

Series: Invest Eternally

The One Thing You Need to Know Colossians 1:1-8 Dr. Jim Denison 2006 is off to an unsettling beginning. Athletic success is uncertain. Vince Young led the University of Texas to its first national title since 1970. Meanwhile, Maurice Clarett, the freshman who did the same for Ohio State a few years back, is under […]

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