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How to Face the Future

Scripture: Psalm 22

Topic: Human Experience > Fear

Series: None

Topical Scripture: Psalm 22 I recently came across a list of ninety-eight of our most common phobias. I didn’t know about “ephebiphobia,” a “fear of teenagers” (though I understand it, having raised two of them). I’m glad not to have “glossophobia,” a “fear of speaking in public,” or “gynophobia,” a “fear of women.” It turns […]

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How to Handle Doubts

Scripture: John 20

Topic: Human Experience > Doubt

Series: Miracles Of Jesus From John’s Gospel

How to Handle Doubts John 20:24-31 Dr. Jim Denison Thesis: Jesus will give every doubter who asks the miraculous gift of his presence One of my favorite stories concerns a Baptist young man who went away to college and made himself obnoxious to his friends by bragging constantly about his Baptist heritage. According to him, […]

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How to Kill a Lion

Scripture: Acts 5

Topic: Sin > Human Experience

Series: Lessons from the Life of Peter

Topical Scripture: Acts 5:1–11 These are actual label instructions on consumer goods: On a Sears hair dryer: Do not use while sleeping. On a bag of Fritos: You could be a winner! No purchase necessary. Details inside. On some Swanson frozen dinners: Serving suggestion: defrost. On Marks & Spencer Bread Pudding: Product will be hot […]

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How to Leave a Legacy

Scripture: Ruth 4

Topic: Self-Esteem > Human Experience

Series: God’s help vs. self-help

How to Leave a Legacy Ruth 4:13-17 Dr. Jim Denison Alfred Nobel’s brother died, but the press got confused and ran his obituary instead. It was titled, “The Dynamite King,” since he invented the explosive, and described the mass destruction dynamite had caused. Nobel was horrified. Then and there he determined to change things. In […]

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