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Fight Fear With Faith

Scripture: John 6

Topic: Human Experience > Fear

Series: Miracles Of Jesus From John’s Gospel

Fight Fear With Faith John 6:5-21 Dr. Jim Denison Thesis: true faith in Jesus will defeat every fear we face Bill and Vonette Bright were hard at work on the UCLA campus, seeking to win students to faith in Christ. But results were mediocre, and their supporters feared for the future of this ministry. Then, […]

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How to Face the Future

Scripture: Psalm 22

Topic: Human Experience > Fear

Series: None

Topical Scripture: Psalm 22 I recently came across a list of ninety-eight of our most common phobias. I didn’t know about “ephebiphobia,” a “fear of teenagers” (though I understand it, having raised two of them). I’m glad not to have “glossophobia,” a “fear of speaking in public,” or “gynophobia,” a “fear of women.” It turns […]

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Nothing to Fear

Scripture: Romans 8

Topic: Human Experience > Fear

Series: Romans 8

Nothing to Fear Romans 8:12-17 James C. Denison On June 6 of last year, a 21-year-old man named Ben Carpenter had a day he’ll never forget. Ben has muscular dystrophy. On this day he was driving his electric-powered wheelchair down the sidewalk in Paw Paw, Michigan. He then crossed the street at the corner of […]

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When You’re Afraid To Follow God

Scripture: 2 Timothy 1

Topic: Human Experience > Fear

Series: Living On Purpose

When You’re Afraid to Follow God 2 Timothy 1:1-12 Dr. Jim Denison We’re talking this morning about fear. Apparently, the experts think we have much to discuss. It’s a new year, so you could have Neophobia, the fear of anything new. Given your location, you might suffer from Ecclesiophobia, the fear of being in church. […]

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