2 Timothy

Chapter 1

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Erma Bombeck Was Right

Scripture: 2 Timothy 1

Topic: Occasion > Mother’s Day

Series: Relationships in God’s Eyes

Erma Bombeck Was Right 2 Timothy 1:1-7 Dr. Jim Denison Erma Bombeck was above all a mother. Here’s how she describes Mother’s Day breakfast in her home: “A mixer whirs, out of control, then stops abruptly as a voice cries, ‘I’m telling.’ A dog barks and another voice says, ‘Get his paws out of there. […]

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When You’re Afraid To Follow God

Scripture: 2 Timothy 1

Topic: Human Experience > Fear

Series: Living On Purpose

When You’re Afraid to Follow God 2 Timothy 1:1-12 Dr. Jim Denison We’re talking this morning about fear. Apparently, the experts think we have much to discuss. It’s a new year, so you could have Neophobia, the fear of anything new. Given your location, you might suffer from Ecclesiophobia, the fear of being in church. […]

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