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12,600 Miles of Ties

Scripture: Galatians 5

Topic: Occasion > Father’s Day

Series: Spirit-filled Relationships

12,600 Miles of Ties Galatians 5:22 Dr. Jim Denison Today is Father’s Day–the Christmas of tie makers. How many neckties would you guess will be given to fathers today? 12,600 miles. That’s enough ties tied end-to-end to cross the country six times, with enough left over for 800,000 men to wear to church today. This […]

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Erma Bombeck Was Right

Scripture: 2 Timothy 1

Topic: Occasion > Mother’s Day

Series: Relationships in God’s Eyes

Erma Bombeck Was Right 2 Timothy 1:1-7 Dr. Jim Denison Erma Bombeck was above all a mother. Here’s how she describes Mother’s Day breakfast in her home: “A mixer whirs, out of control, then stops abruptly as a voice cries, ‘I’m telling.’ A dog barks and another voice says, ‘Get his paws out of there. […]

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If God Is For Us

Scripture: Romans 8

Topic: Occasion > Easter

Series: Romans 8

If God Is For Us Romans 8:31-34 James C. Denison For years now, Starbucks has been featuring “The Way I See It” quotes on some of their cups. Since I don’t drink coffee, I see them when people give their used cups to me. Recently a friend gave me this cup with a quote from […]

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