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“You Can Shoot Me if You Want”

Scripture: John 21

Topic: Ministry > Church

Series: Changing a Changing World

“You Can Shoot Me if You Want” John 21:15-19 Dr. Jim Denison Jeremiah Neitz is a former football player who dropped out of high school, moved out of his parents’ home at age 18, and fell in with, to use his word, “gangstas.” He got his girlfriend pregnant and asked her to move in with […]

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A Church on the Move

Scripture: Acts 8

Topic: The Church > Ministry

Series: Acts

God’s Power for God’s Purpose A Church on the Move Dr. Jim Denison Acts 8 Think back to your personal conversion experience. What was the setting? Who was involved? Were your parents engaged? A Sunday school teacher, perhaps? Your pastor? A spiritual friend? Who then would have predicted that you would be teaching your class […]

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A City on a Hill

Scripture: Matthew 16

Topic: The Church > Church

Series: These Things We Believe

A City on a Hill Matthew 16:13-20 Dr. Jim Denison The scene is one of the most dramatic in all of God’s word. The Galilean Carpenter stands on a massive outcropping of rock, 1150 feet above sea level, dwarfed by the gigantic cliff which towered above it. Just a short distance away stands the brilliant […]

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A Culture in History

Scripture: Nehemiah 1

Topic: The Church > Spiritual Awakening

Series: A Culture In Crisis

A Culture in History A Study of Nehemiah Dr. Jim Denison Nehemiah 1:1-2 Israel in history “Israel” means “one who wrestles with God.” It was the name given to Jacob by God in Genesis 32. But the history of the nation begins with Abraham (ca. 2000 B.C.) and God’s promise: “I will make you into […]

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An Ark or an Army?

Scripture: Mark 1

Topic: The Church > Evangelism

Series: Becoming Fishers of Men

An Ark or an Army? Mark 1:14-20 James C. Denison It’s a tough world out there. There was a time when new airlines seemed to start every month, promising lower fares and more flights. Now airline mergers are the wave of the future, though we’ll likely see higher fares, fewer flights, and more crowded airplanes. […]

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Are You Jesus?

Scripture: Isaiah 58

Topic: The Church > Missions

Series: The God We Worship

Are You Jesus? Isaiah 58.1-14 Dr. Jim Denison A friend recently sent me this wonderful story. It seems that a group of salesmen were attending a regional sales convention in Chicago, and were rushing to their airport gate when one accidentally kicked over a display of apples in a basket. Apples flew everywhere. Without stopping […]

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Scripture: 2 Chronicles 7

Topic: The Church > Spiritual Awakening

Series: Spiritual Awakening in America

Awakening 2 Chronicles 7:13-14 James C. Denison If you thought 2008 was a long year, it turns out you were right. Time magazine’s online edition tells us that on New Year’s Eve, a leap second was added to atomic clocks around the world. It seems that Earth’s rotational period needed to be realigned with something […]

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Baptism On Monday

Scripture: Matthew 28

Topic: The Church > Baptism

Series: Know That You Know

Baptism on Monday Matthew 28:18-20 Dr. Jim Denison A couple of weeks ago, the Dallas Morning News carried one of the strangest stories I’ve seen in a while. It seems that Beverly Mitchell of Douglasville, Georgia came home from 2½ weeks in Greece to find a stranger living in her house. Beverly Valentine broke in […]

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