Chapter 21

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“You Can Shoot Me if You Want”

Scripture: John 21

Topic: Ministry > Church

Series: Changing a Changing World

“You Can Shoot Me if You Want” John 21:15-19 Dr. Jim Denison Jeremiah Neitz is a former football player who dropped out of high school, moved out of his parents’ home at age 18, and fell in with, to use his word, “gangstas.” He got his girlfriend pregnant and asked her to move in with […]

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Weapons Of Mass Construction

Scripture: John 21

Topic: The Church > Ministry

Series: Faith In A Time Of War

Weapons of Mass Construction John 21:15-19 Dr. Jim Denison Last Sunday morning, Dr. John Plotts announced this weekend’s events in a way which I have borrowed today. He referenced the war in Iraq, then showed that we are in a spiritual war in Dallas. In Iraq we are fighting to prevent the use of weapons […]

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