These Things We Believe

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A City on a Hill

Scripture: Matthew 16

Topic: The Church > Church

Series: These Things We Believe

A City on a Hill Matthew 16:13-20 Dr. Jim Denison The scene is one of the most dramatic in all of God’s word. The Galilean Carpenter stands on a massive outcropping of rock, 1150 feet above sea level, dwarfed by the gigantic cliff which towered above it. Just a short distance away stands the brilliant […]

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How to Get an Appointment with God

Scripture: Matthew 27

Topic: Theology > Soul

Series: These Things We Believe

How to Get an Appointment with God Matthew 27.51-54 Dr. Jim Denison A few years ago our family went to Washington, D.C. on summer vacation. The highlight of the trip for me, I was sure, was going to be our visit to the White House. I’ve long been fascinated with presidential history, and have read […]

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Come to the Party

Scripture: Matthew 28

Topic: The Church > Baptism

Series: These Things We Believe

Come to the Party Matthew 28:18-20 / 1 Corinthians 11:23-26 Dr. Jim Denison According to tradition, Queen Victoria of England looked out her castle window one morning and saw a beautiful flower blooming. It was early spring and the flower was unusual. Delighting in its beauty, she stationed a palace guard by the flower to […]

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