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“You Can Shoot Me if You Want”

Scripture: John 21

Topic: Ministry > Church

Series: Changing a Changing World

“You Can Shoot Me if You Want” John 21:15-19 Dr. Jim Denison Jeremiah Neitz is a former football player who dropped out of high school, moved out of his parents’ home at age 18, and fell in with, to use his word, “gangstas.” He got his girlfriend pregnant and asked her to move in with […]

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Aren’t All Religions the Same?

Scripture: John 14

Topic: Jesus Christ > God

Series: Hard Questions About God

Aren’t All Religions the Same? John 14:1-11 Dr. Jim Denison Poliomyelitis, or polio, is a disease caused by tiny virus particles which attack the brain and spinal cord. Until this generation, polio was a kind of AIDS in American society. Many of you remember those days when polio was a feared enemy; many of us […]

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Branded By My Stupidity

Scripture: John 3

Topic: Theology > Salvation

Series: Know That You Know

Branded By My Stupidity John 3:9-16 Dr. Jim Denison What’s the last really dumb thing you did? Mine was just a week ago. I was playing tennis, straining for a backhand, and jammed the end of my racket into my knee. Here’s the funny part. I use a Wilson racket, with a “W” on the […]

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Christ Before Christmas

Scripture: John 1

Topic: Occasions > Christmas

Series: None

Christ Before Christmas John 1:1-18 Dr. Jim Denison It was the middle of the Christmas rush at the airport. One passenger, standing in line, asked the clerk, “Why is there mistletoe hanging over the baggage counter?” The clerk replied, “It’s there so you can kiss your luggage goodbye.” You’ve been there. Welcome to the hurried, […]

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Do Versus Done

Scripture: John 3

Topic: The Church > Evangelism

Series: Seed Initiative

Do Versus Done John 3.1-2, 16 Dr. Jim Denison I spent the summer before my senior year of college serving as a missionary in East Malaysia, on the southeast Asian island of Borneo. This was my first personal contact with other religions, and I was astonished by the sacrifices I saw. I watched Muslims walk […]

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Does God Always Heal?

Scripture: John 4

Topic: Spiritual Life > Healing

Series: Miracles Of Jesus From John’s Gospel

Does God Always Heal? John 4:46-54 Dr. Jim Denison Thesis: Jesus always heals—physically, spiritually, or eternally A friend in our congregation recently sent me an interesting e-mail. It seems that he was watching a particular news commentator on television one night, and heard the reporter try to make his point by saying, “There’s the passage […]

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Don’t Join the Crowd

Scripture: John 12

Topic: Occasions > Easter

Series: How Jesus Prepared for Easter

Don’t Join the Crowd John 12:12-19 James C. Denison “March Madness” has consumed the nation. When our study group left for Greece, the NCAA basketball tournament had started. When we returned, it was still going on. 64 teams began; 63 will end their season with a loss. They will learn the difference between a friend […]

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Easter Is Not an Island

Scripture: John 20

Topic: Occasions > Easter

Series: None

Easter Is Not an Island John 20:1-9 Dr. Jim Denison On average, they stand thirteen feet high and weigh fourteen tons. The largest of them weighs as much as 165 tons. There are 887 of them on the island. And no one is sure why. In 1722 a Dutch explorer discovered their island. It happened […]

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Expect the Best from God

Scripture: John 5

Topic: Theology > Miracles

Series: Miracles of Jesus

Topical Scripture: John 5:1-9 Dr. David Fite went to be with the Lord last August. He was a former missionary to Cuba and a colleague of mine when I served on the faculty of Southwestern Seminary in Ft. Worth. Dr. Fite and his father-in-law were both imprisoned in Cuba for preaching the gospel there. They […]

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