Chapter 4

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Does God Always Heal?

Scripture: John 4

Topic: Spiritual Life > Healing

Series: Miracles Of Jesus From John’s Gospel

Does God Always Heal? John 4:46-54 Dr. Jim Denison Thesis: Jesus always heals—physically, spiritually, or eternally A friend in our congregation recently sent me an interesting e-mail. It seems that he was watching a particular news commentator on television one night, and heard the reporter try to make his point by saying, “There’s the passage […]

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Taking God at His Word

Scripture: John 4

Topic: Theology > Suffering

Series: Miracles in John’s Gospel

Taking God at His Word John 4:43-54 Dr. Jim Denison This week’s news reports that eyelash transplantation is the newest cosmetic surgery phenomenon. For $3,000 per eye, a surgeon will transplant hair from the back of your head to your eyelid. But there’s a down side: the hair grows just like the rest of your […]

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