David’s Psalms for Souls Today

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Prospering in All We Do

Scripture: Psalm 1

Topic: The Bible > Bible

Series: David’s Psalms for Souls Today

Prospering in all we do: How to start the day with God’s word Dr. Jim Denison Psalm 1 My first Bible was a red New Testament distributed by the Gideons at James Butler Bonham Elementary in Houston, Texas on March 27, 1969. I know because I wrote that information in its flyleaf. When I received […]

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Seeking a Pure Heart

Scripture: Psalm 51

Topic: Sin > Human Experience

Series: David’s Psalms for Souls Today

Seeking a pure heart: How to confess your sins Dr. Jim Denison Psalm 51 Why do we sin? Here’s the background of Psalm 51. King David had an affair with Bathsheba, the wife of Uriah. She became pregnant. To cover his sin, eventually he had Uriah killed and took the widow as his wife. But […]

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Taking Refuge in Him

Scripture: Psalm 2

Topic: Holy Spirit > God

Series: David’s Psalms for Souls Today

Taking refuge in him: How to surrender each day to God’s authority Dr. Jim Denison Psalm 2 A man was running down an airport terminal, late for his flight because he’d forgotten his wristwatch. Desperate to know the time, he stopped a traveler walking up the terminal hall while carrying two large suitcases. He asked […]

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