2 Chronicles

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All That Matters in Life

Scripture: 2 Chronicles 7

Topic: God’s Grace > God

Series: Live Your Blessed Life

All That Matters in Life 2 Chronicles 7:11-16 Dr. Jim Denison While you have been listening to great preaching and enjoying wonderful worship services, I’ve been “across the pond” in the land where it rains nearly daily, trying to figure out cricket on the “telle” and enjoying British hospitality immensely. And I’ve come back to […]

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Scripture: 2 Chronicles 7

Topic: The Church > Spiritual Awakening

Series: Spiritual Awakening in America

Awakening 2 Chronicles 7:13-14 James C. Denison If you thought 2008 was a long year, it turns out you were right. Time magazine’s online edition tells us that on New Year’s Eve, a leap second was added to atomic clocks around the world. It seems that Earth’s rotational period needed to be realigned with something […]

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Leave It to Beavis

Scripture: 2 Chronicles 34

Topic: Occasions > Graduation

Series: Relationships in God’s Eyes

Leave It to Beavis 2 Chronicles 34:1-8 Dr. Jim Denison In May of 1993, a television show premiered on MTV whose name I cannot repeat in a sermon. You know the title: Beavis and . . . Beavis and his “associate” aired through 1997, though reruns are still being shown. The show dealt explicitly with […]

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The Battle is Not Yours, But God’s

Scripture: 2 Chronicles 20

Topic: Thanksgiving > Occasions

Series: None

The Battle Is Not Yours, But God’s 2 Chronicles 20:20-26 James C. Denison Matthew Henry, the great Bible scholar, was once attacked by thieves and robbed of his wallet. He wrote these words in his diary: “Let me be thankful. First, I was never robbed before. Second, although they took my wallet, they didn’t take […]

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The Gospel According to Starbucks

Scripture: 2 Chronicles 7

Topic: God the Father > God

Series: God Almighty

The Gospel According to Starbucks 2 Chronicles 7:11-16 James C. Denison Starbucks is clearly America’s favorite coffee shop, with some $8 billion in sales last year. Since I don’t drink coffee, I have never bought their product. And so I was interested to learn that Starbucks prints quotes from customers on their cups. Some are […]

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