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A Culture Facing Judgment

Scripture: Nehemiah 1

Topic: God’s Grace > God

Series: A Culture In Crisis

A Culture Facing Judgment A Study of Nehemiah Dr. Jim Denison Nehemiah 1:8-9 So far we have learned to recognize God’s holiness (v. 5), to pray with humility (v. 6a), and to confess our sin with honesty (vs. 6b-7). Now we discover the urgency of such prayer commitment: The future of the nation is in […]

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All That Matters in Life

Scripture: 2 Chronicles 7

Topic: God’s Grace > God

Series: Live Your Blessed Life

All That Matters in Life 2 Chronicles 7:11-16 Dr. Jim Denison While you have been listening to great preaching and enjoying wonderful worship services, I’ve been “across the pond” in the land where it rains nearly daily, trying to figure out cricket on the “telle” and enjoying British hospitality immensely. And I’ve come back to […]

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Covenant Renewal

Scripture: Joshua 24

Topic: God’s Grace > God

Series: Conquering Through Courage and Faith

Covenant Renewal Joshua 24:1-33 Dr. Jim Denison Thesis: We find peace only in the gracious covenant of our Lord. Goal: Respond to God’s grace with obedience. Years ago, an artistic competition was announced on the theme of “peace.” Beautiful paintings were entered—a pastoral landscape, with sheep grazing contentedly; a warm fire blazing in a rich […]

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Grace is Greater than Guilt

Scripture: Genesis 6

Topic: God’s Grace > God

Series: Living the Blest Life

Topical Scripture: Genesis 6:1–8 Bill Belichick will coach the New England Patriots in today’s Super Bowl, marking a record eighth time his team has made the championship game. An interesting statistic helps explain his genius: eighteen of his players were not drafted by any team in the NFL. This is a far higher number than […]

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Grace vs. Grades

Scripture: Matthew 20

Topic: God’s Grace > God

Series: The Parables of Jesus

Grace vs. Grades Dr. Jim Denison Matthew 20:1-16 Thesis: Life’s motivation should be gratitude for grace, not performance to earn it John Claypool has long been one of my favorite preachers. In his now-classic treatise, The Preaching Event, he describes the preacher as a “gift-giver,” one who gives to others the gifts he has received […]

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Is God Fair?

Scripture: Hebrews 12

Topic: God’s Grace > God

Series: Hard Questions About God

Is God Fair? Hebrews 12.25-29 Dr. Jim Denison Some children wrote questions for God, including these: “Dear God: Instead of letting people die and making new ones, why don’t you just keep the ones you have? Johnny.” “Dear God: I read the Bible. What does ‘beget’ mean? Nobody will tell me. Allison.” “Dear God: Did […]

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Which Son Are You?

Scripture: Luke 15

Topic: God’s Grace > God

Series: The Parables of Jesus

Which Son Are You? Dr. Jim Denison Luke 15:11-32 Thesis: We are each welcome in the Kingdom of God One of the most encouraging readings I have ever found is this adaptation from Henri Nouwein’s classic book The Beloved: I have called you by name from the very beginning. You are mine and I am […]

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Wrestling With Grace

Scripture: Isaiah 55

Topic: God’s Grace > God

Series: The God We Worship

Wrestling with Grace Isaiah 55:1-7 Dr. Jim Denison The best picture of grace I have discovered outside Scripture was made powerfully real to me nearly ten years ago, when I attended a Broadway theater production of Les Miserables. I will never forget the emotions of that night. You remember the central scene from Victor Hugo’s […]

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