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God’s Peace for God’s Purpose

Scripture: Romans 8

Topic: Spiritual Life > Spiritual Growth

Series: Romans 8

God’s Peace for God’s Purpose Romans 8:5-8 James C. Denison Starbucks is experimenting with a $1 cup of coffee. Now you know things are tough in the economy. It’s an eight-ounce serving they call the “short cup.” They may even start allowing free refills of traditional coffee. Your usual double cream latte espresso with hazelnut […]

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It’s All in Your Mind

Scripture: Colossians 3

Topic: Spiritual Life > Spiritual Growth

Series: Invest Eternally

It’s All In Your Mind Colossians 3:1-4 Dr. Jim Denison During the Great Depression, an impoverished widow stepped into the foyer of an insurance company. An agent asked if he could help her. “Yes,” she replied. Taking out a yellowed, weathered insurance policy, she said, “I’ve lost my job and can’t keep paying this. What […]

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Playing Theological Scrabble

Scripture: Acts 13

Topic: Spiritual Life > Spiritual Growth

Series: Relationships 101

Playing Theological Scrabble Acts 13:16-23 Dr. Jim Denison I have an article written by someone with too much spare time. This person has played Scrabble in an unusual way: by rearranging the letters, “George Bush” becomes “He bugs Gore,” “dormitory” becomes “dirty room,” “the Morse code” spells “here come dots,” “slot machines” is “cash lost […]

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The Summer Of Your Soul

Scripture: Matthew 24

Topic: Spiritual Life > Spiritual Growth

Series: Keys To Spiritual Health

The Summer of Your Soul Matthew 24:30-35 Dr. Jim Denison Summer is my favorite season of the year. The stress of life lifts somewhat. Schedules are less demanding. More time off is taken. Families get together more. 29.3 million people traveled at least 50 miles for the Memorial Day weekend. But all is not idyllic. […]

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