Chapter 13

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How Your Church Can Change the World

Scripture: Acts 13

Topic: Missions > Church

Series: Changing a Changing World

How Your Church Can Change the World Acts 13:1-5 Dr. Jim Denison Stan Parks, son of Keith Parks, the former president of the International Mission Board, is a missionary to Indonesia for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. He is here today to share with us how what God is doing in Indonesia and how our church […]

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Playing Theological Scrabble

Scripture: Acts 13

Topic: Spiritual Life > Spiritual Growth

Series: Relationships 101

Playing Theological Scrabble Acts 13:16-23 Dr. Jim Denison I have an article written by someone with too much spare time. This person has played Scrabble in an unusual way: by rearranging the letters, “George Bush” becomes “He bugs Gore,” “dormitory” becomes “dirty room,” “the Morse code” spells “here come dots,” “slot machines” is “cash lost […]

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