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Can Christians Kill?

Scripture: None

Topic: Euthanasia > Culture

Series: Hard Questions

Can Christians Kill? James C. Denison The Most Interesting Man in the World turns out to be a 72-year-old actor named Jonathan Goldsmith. He’s a Jewish guy from the Bronx (the accent is fake). His mother was a model, his father a track coach. He’s made a career in television, usually as the guy who […]

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Euthanasia and the Word of God

Scripture: Genesis 1

Topic: Euthanasia > Culture

Series: None

Euthanasia and the Word of God Dr. Jim Denison It was the phone call from hell. I was on the back porch of our house, resting after a morning walk, when the father called. The doctors had just left his little girl’s hospital room. They told him it was time to turn off the machines, […]

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