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Disciples Are Not Religious

Scripture: Colossians 2

Topic: Religion > Christianity

Series: Invest Eternally

Disciples Are Not Religious Colossians 2:1-8 Dr. Jim Denison Today’s Super Bowl will divide the nation into two camps. Not between those who cheer for the Steelers and those who are fans of the Seahawks, but between the few of us who care and the most of you who don’t. This is Super Bowl XL, […]

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The Real Painter of the Gospel

Scripture: None

Topic: Religion > Christianity

Series: None

The Real Painter of the Gospel: “The DaVinci Code” in the Light of History Dr. Jim Denison Shortly after its publication, I picked up Dan Brown’s The DaVinci Code on the new fiction table at a local bookstore. Its cover and title led me to believe it would be a work of art history. Given […]

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