Chapter 4

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Peace, Be Still

Scripture: Mark 4

Topic: Occasions > Christmas

Series: Titles for a Holy Child

Peace, Be Still Mark 4:31-35 Dr. Jim Denison A friend sent me these actual newspaper headlines: “Include your children when baking cookies”; “Iraqi head seeks arms”; “Miners refuse to work after death”; If strike isn’t settled quickly, it may last a while”; “Typhoon rips through cemetery; hundreds dead”; “Kids make nutritious snacks”; and most insightful […]

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The Story of Jim the Farmer

Scripture: Mark 4

Topic: The Church > Evangelism

Series: None

The Story of Jim the Farmer Mark 4:1-20 Dr. Jim Denison Every day in America 108,000 people move; the government issues 50 more pages of regulations; 40 Americans turn 100; we purchase 45,000 new cars and trucks and wreck 87,000; 20,000 people write letters to the president; dogs bit 11,000 citizens, including 20 mail carriers; […]

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