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God Goes Where He’s Wanted

Scripture: Luke 1

Topic: Occasions > Christmas

Series: Messengers of Christmas

God Goes Where He’s Wanted Luke 1.26-38 James C. Denison The Golden Compass opened on Friday. Starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig (the new James Bond), the movie is a spectacular fantasy on the lines of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Chronicles of Narnia. But unlike the classics by J. R. R. […]

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Mothers Change the World

Scripture: Luke 1

Topic: Occasions > Mother’s Day

Series: None

Mothers Change the World Luke 1:26-38 Dr. Jim Denison If children were in charge, the world would make much more sense. My son recently sent me these actual test answers given by children: •What happens during puberty to a boy? He leaves childhood and enters adultery. •Where was Hadrian’s Wall built? Around Hadrian’s garden. •Where […]

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