Chapter 61

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Holding On To Hope

Scripture: Isaiah 61

Topic: Occasions > Christmas

Series: A Season of Hope

Holding On To Hope Isaiah 61:1-7 Dr. Jim Denison We cannot live without hope. That’s not just a sentiment, but a proven fact. The American Psychological Association has found that people who have positive views on aging live 7.6 years longer than those who have negative views. Depression is fast becoming the second-leading cause of […]

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The Joy Of Giving Jesus

Scripture: Isaiah 61

Topic: The Church > Missions

Series: The God We Worship

The Joy of Giving Jesus Isaiah 61:1-2 Dr. Jim Denison The little crowd of 102 persons finally arrived, after surviving two months of stormy seas on a crowded little boat. Their first year, about half died in the severe winter, most of pneumonia. The next year, in the fall of 1621, the survivors planned a […]

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