Chapter 16

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Once Every 365, 250 Days

Scripture: Acts 16

Topic: Occasions > New Year

Series: None

Once Every 365,250 Days Acts 16:6-15 Dr. Jim Denison Days like yesterday don’t come along very often. In fact, it has been 365,250 days since the world last stepped into a new millennium. And a few things have changed since then. Restaurants now have entire dining rooms for cell-phone users. The military has developed miniature […]

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The Vision Of True Success

Scripture: Acts 16

Topic: Success > Human Experience

Series: The Secrets To True Success

The Vision of True Success Acts 16:6-10 Dr. Jim Denison Someone has observed, “Change is good unless it happens.” Well, it has happened. Sociologists say that 90% of all the change in human history has occurred in the last hundred years. Much has been good. Life expectancy has increased from 46 to 74 years for […]

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