Why Do God’s People Suffer?

Why Do God’s People Suffer?

Matthew 5:10-12

Dr. Jim Denison

Innocent suffering is the greatest single problem confronting the Christian faith. We Christians believe three facts about God:

God is all loving—he would want to end evil and suffering, it would seem.

God is all powerful—he could end evil and suffering.

Evil exists—it is not merely the product of wrong thinking or appearance, but very real and very deadly.

The easy answer to innocent suffering is to minimize one of these three convictions. Some will say that the Fort Worth tragedy happened because God is not all loving, and is somehow punishing them; or it happened because God either doesn’t or can’t get involved in such things; or it isn’t real. We’re past the stage of denial, so we must either question God’s love, his power, or both; or find a better solution.

Let’s find that better solution together today, from the word of God, not just for the victims of the shooting, but for every person who faces suffering today or tomorrow.