What’s So Amazing About Grace?

What’s So Amazing About Grace?

John 20:24-29

Dr. Jim Denison

More people than ever before are asking to be buried or cremated with their mobile phones. The trend began in South Africa, and has spread from there. In Cape Town, people who believe in witchcraft fear they could fall under a spell, be put to sleep, and be buried alive. So they want cell phones in their coffins in case they woke up. One funeral service in South Africa will even include several cell phone batteries in your coffin, in case yours runs out.

The rest of us smile at such absurdity. We don’t fear death like that. In fact, no society in history has feared death less than we do.

There was a time when people were afraid of what might happen when they died–afraid of going to hell, or at least Purgatory. Afraid of meeting God.

But today our culture is convinced that so long as we’re good people who believe in God, all is well. If we’re not Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim or Jewish, we must be Christians. Coming to church at Christmas and Easter, trying to live good lives, and believing in God meets the requirements. Only two percent of us are afraid of going to hell. Eighty-seven percent are sure we’ll be in heaven. No cell phones needed.