Washing Soles And Soles

Washing Soles and Souls

Matthew 4:23, John 13:34-35

Dr. Jim Denison

Houston Baptist University, my alma mater, required an identification card of every student every year. I still have mine for 1978, my junior year, with my picture complete with mustache and sideburns. Why have I kept it? Because my ID number that year was 666. Remember Revelation 13 and the prediction that the beast who will accompany the antichrist has the “mark of the beast,” 666. My receiving this number bothered some of my friends, but was no surprise to others.

Today let’s discuss the opposite subject: the mark of a disciple, a fully-devoted follower of the Lord Jesus. There is such a mark, and only one. How do we acquire it? With a washbasin and towel. Let’s see why this is so, and how we find our towel today.

Take God’s word to people

Matthew 4:23 says that our Lord “went throughout Galilee.” The Greek grammar shows that he continually, incessantly did this. Through all Galilee, the northern part of Israel, an enormous task. Josephus, the ancient Jewish historian, documents 204 cities and villages in Galilee, none smaller than 15,000 residents and a total population of three million.