Voting for God

Theodore Roosevelt was an asthmatic child, forced to sleep propped up by pillows or in a chair. When he graduated from college his doctor warned him that his weakened heart could not stand a strenuous life. When his first wife and mother died on the same day, he abandoned public life for ranching in the Dakotas. Only when a harsh winter wiped him out did he return to New York and eventually was elected Vice-President. Only when President McKinley was assassinated did he ascend to the nation’s highest office.

Abraham Lincoln lost more elections than he won. He suffered severe, incapacitating and occasionally suicidal depression. He may have suffered from Marfan’s syndrome with its accompanying long limbs, skeletal problems, and heart problems. Before he was elected president in 1860, who would have predicted that he would become perhaps our greatest president?

When three Galilean fishermen stood on Mt. Hermon that day, none of them knew that they would launch a movement which would change the world and reach us in Dallas today. The past was no limit to God’s future. It never is.