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His Baton or Yours?

Scripture: Joshua 3

Topic: Trust > Spiritual Life

Series: Courage to Conquer

His Baton or Yours? Joshua 3:1-17 James C. Denison In the battle of Jericho, Joshua had the priests blow “seven trumpets of rams’ horns” and march around the fortified citadel (Joshua 6:8). I’m a “priest” (as it were), and I play the trumpet (or at least I used to). I’ve often wondered what they played. […]

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Seeing God in Everything

Scripture: Esther 2

Topic: Trust > Spiritual Life

Series: Esther

Seeing God in Everything Esther 2 Dr. Jim Denison Thesis: God is in every detail of our lives Problem: we don’t know how to find him when we need him Answer: look for him in small, hard, physical, and coincidental places Persuade: to see God in every event of your life today A little girl […]

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When God Waits Until The Last Minute

Scripture: Esther 5

Topic: Trust > Spiritual Life

Series: Esther

When God Waits Until the Last Minute Esther 5 Dr. Jim Denison Thesis: God’s timing is always perfect Persuade: to stay obedient to God’s word, even when you don’t see the results “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” has a scene which illustrates the theme of this study. The swashbuckling archaeologist in his quest for […]

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Why Did Abraham Sacrifice Isaac?

Scripture: Genesis 22

Topic: Trust > Spiritual Life

Series: Hard Questions in the Bible

Why Did Abraham Sacrifice Isaac? Genesis 22:1-19 Dr. Jim Denison The current issue of Fortune magazine carries this cover story: “God and business: the surprising quest for spiritual renewal in the American workplace.” In the article, Andre DelBecq, a management professor, says, “There were two things I thought I’d never see in my life, the […]

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