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God + One

Scripture: Judges 7

Topic: Spiritual Life > Courage

Series: None

God + One Judges 7 James C. Denison “Extinguish Lights” is a bugle melody played by the military for nearly two centuries to signal the end of day and call soldiers to bed. It was apparently first played at a military funeral during the Civil War, and has since come to be identified especially with […]

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Men of Courage

Scripture: Nehemiah 4

Topic: Spiritual Life > Courage

Series: A Culture In Crisis

Men of Courage A Study of Nehemiah Dr. Jim Denison Nehemiah 4 Every day in America: 40 Americans turn 100; 5,800 become 65; and 8,000 try to forget their 40th birthdays. The U.S. government issues 50 more pages of regulations. 20,000 write letters to the president. 13,000 get married, while 6,300 get divorced. Dogs bite […]

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