The Price Of Personal Integrity

The price of personal integrity

Esther 3

Dr. Jim Denison

Thesis: we will pay a price for our Christian commitment, but God will redeem it

Persuade: to stand for God when you are tested

True character is what you do in private when no one is looking. But you will always pay a price for integrity. We’ll see that fact in Esther 3.

In many places in the world, enormous sacrifice is essential to Christian faith. There are half a million Christian martyrs every year.

There is such life and vitality in Cuban worship and faith, despite the difficulties and oppression many believers face. I spoke with a taxi driver who told me that he now believes in God, though he is not yet a Christian. He said that when he was growing up, anyone who went to church could not find a job or advancement in Cuban society. Atheism was taught in every school (as it still is in many places in Cuba). But the vitality and joy he sees in the Cuban churches intrigues and attracts him. As it does us.

Karl Heinz Walter is the Executive of the European Baptist Federation. At a recent meeting of the Baptist World Alliance he reported a growing form of persecution against Christians in Muslim countries. If these believers will not renounce their faith, the authorities cut off a finger. Then later, another and then another. They do this knowing that these men and women cannot work and may not survive with such disability. But the Christians are refusing to renounce their Lord, whatever the price they must pay.