The Greatest Miracle

The Greatest Miracle

Matthew 9:9-13

Dr. Jim Denison

I was born on May 20, 1958. My parents were married in April and had me in May—it was the next May, but Dad didn’t tell people that, which made Mom mad.

Janet was born the next November 11. I’ve always been grateful to her parents for arranging her birth on Veterans’ Day, so the entire nation could celebrate and her future husband could be reminded of her birthday.

How much did you have to do with your birth? With its circumstances? With its date?

Nations are different. On this day 234 years ago, at 2:00 in the afternoon in the city of Philadelphia, the Second Continental Congress of England’s 13 colonies in the New World declared themselves to be the United States of America. They did so by affirming a Declaration of Independence which has become our nation’s most treasured document.

For years the colonies had struggled with England’s King George III over what they called “taxation without representation.” Finally they gave up; in May of 1776 they appointed delegates to their Second Continental Congress to pursue independence. On June 11, they formed a committee to create a formal “Declaration of Independence.”