Staying Out Of Spiritual Ditches

Staying Out of Spiritual Ditches

2 Timothy 2:14-26

Dr. Jim Denison

According to ESPN Magazine, Americans will bet $7 billion on today’s Super Bowl. We will go through 16 million pizza boxes, enough to construct 388,889 life-size cardboard statues of Rush Limbaugh; fans at the game will eat 5,000 pounds of hot dogs; 31 million pounds of chips will be eaten at Super Bowl parties; 43.5 million pounds of guacamole will be consumed; and 39% of American males say they will curse during the game. 61% are probably lying about cursing during the game.

In other words, the Super Bowl is also the Sin Bowl. What we do in church this morning may have little to do with what we do watching the game tonight.

Why should it? Our culture has long divided the spiritual from the secular.

Centuries before Christ, the Greeks decided that the soul existed apart from the body, that our souls were put into our bodies to punish and purify them. So, you can do anything you like with your body, so long as you are spiritual.