Chapter 26

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Are You Caiaphas? The Jews and the Christ

Scripture: Matthew 26

Topic: Jesus Christ > God

Series: Journey to the Cross

Topic Scripture: Matthew 26:57-68 Here’s an issue that skeptics often raise about our faith, a question many Christians don’t know how to answer: why did the Jews condemn Jesus? If he really is the Son of God, why did his own people reject him? We learned last week that everything about the Sanhedrin’s legal proceedings […]

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When God Needs To Pray

Scripture: Matthew 26

Topic: Occasions > Easter

Series: Our King

When God Needs to Pray Matthew 26:31-35 Dr. Jim Denison Botox is all the rage these days. Botulinum toxin is an injection which removes lines and wrinkles from the face. At $300 to $1,000 a shot, it is the most popular cosmetic procedure in America. A “face-life in a bottle,” one doctor calls it. We […]

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Which Role Is Yours?

Scripture: Matthew 26

Topic: Occasions > Easter

Series: The Passion Of The Christ

Which Role Is Yours? Matthew 26:47-56 Dr. Jim Denison A woman tells you that she is 20 years old today and has great-grandchildren. She looks fantastic for her age. Of course, she was born on February 29, 1924. A leap year occurs in every year which can be evenly divided by four; thus we’re meeting […]

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