Chapter 5

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All About Demons

Scripture: Mark 5

Topic: Spiritual Warfare > Spiritual Life

Series: Holy Spirit Power for Spiritual Warfare

All About Demons Mark 5:1-20 Dr. Jim Denison Halloween comes in nine days. Orange and pumpkins are everywhere. As you may know, “Hallowe’en” or “Hallowed Eve” is the eve of All Saints Day, the annual church holiday which honors the saints and heroes of Christian history. However, Halloween also has connections which are anything but […]

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Touching the Garment of God

Scripture: Mark 5

Topic: Spiritual Life > Healing

Series: None

Topical Scripture: Mark 5:24–34 A woman finished shopping, went to her car, and found four men sitting inside. She dropped her bags, pulled her handgun, and yelled: “Get out of the car. I have a gun and know how to use it!” The men scrambled out of the car and ran off. Relieved, she set […]

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