Chapter 24

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Love Letters from Home

Scripture: Luke 24

Topic: The Bible > Bible

Series: The Things We Believe

Love Letters from Home Luke 24:25-32 Dr. Jim Denison Billy Graham was thirty, and already a well-known evangelist, when he came to a crisis of faith. Could he believe the Bible to be the word of God? His friend Chuck Templeton and others were raising doubts in his heart. In his autobiography, Just As I […]

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The Gospel According to Cleopas

Scripture: Luke 24

Topic: Occasions > Easter

Series: How Jesus Prepared for Easter

The Gospel According to Cleopas Luke 24:13-35 James C. Denison People send me lots of stories, some of which I can actually tell in church. Here’s my favorite so far this year. A man says, “As a young minister, I was asked by a funeral director to hold a graveside service for a homeless man […]

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