Help for the Weary Soul

Help for the Weary Soul

Matthew 11:28-30

Dr. Jim Denison

I bring you greetings from the Baptist World Alliance, which met last week in Melbourne, Australia. It’s summer “down under,” 90 degrees and beautiful, but someone’s got to go “suffer for Jesus.” I learned to say “g’day, mates,” saw some kangaroos and koala bears, and heard some great messages. The Baptist World Alliance is just like all other Baptists—exciting, energetic, and disorganized. Someone said, “I don’t believe in organized religion—that’s why I’m a Baptist.” But it was a great meeting.

Janet and I were grateful to go, and glad to return.

Today I am to bring you my annual “state of the church” message. But while I’m interested in talking about our church and how we’re doing, I’m even more interested in talking about our souls and how they’re doing.

First walk with me through the word of God. Then you’ll see why I selected this text for us today, and its relevance for our church and our souls this morning.

What yoke are we wearing?