Faith at Work

Existential theodicy: they learned to rely on God’s word and Spirit, not their geographical place and former religion.

How do we know we are God’s children even when we are far from home?

Nothing can take us from God’s hand (John 10:28).

Our children are still our children, wherever they live.

Concluding applications

Commit daily to his Lordship and will.

Invest eternally, using your resources where they can best serve the Kingdom.

Serve effectively, utilizing your gifts where you are placed in ministry.

Are you in the will of God today? Baker James Cauthen: “The only ‘place’ that matters is the center of the will of God.”

Are you faithful to serve God where you find yourself? We all have seen the poster or heard the saying: “Bloom where you are planted.” Mother Teresa says it better: Success = faithfulness in love.

Are you close to God spiritually, wherever you are located physically?