Worship Is A Verb

Worship Is a Verb

Isaiah 1:10-20

Dr. Jim Denison

One of the more famous Abraham Lincoln stories is told about the time when he was keeping store in Salem, Illinois, and had a beautiful gun prominently displayed so all his customers would see it. The little plaque under it said that it was made from the finest Swedish steel, its stock from the best black walnut wood, all crafted by a world-famous

gunsmith. It was beautiful, and its price was very reasonable.

On the next rack was an old long barrel Kentucky squirrel rifle made from ordinary gun steel. It stock was just an ordinary wooden stock. Its gunsmith was competent but by no means famous. But its price was much higher.

One day a farmer in the market for a new gun noticed the shiny new rifle on display. He asked Abe, “Why is that good gun so cheap and the other gun so high?” Honest Abe replied, “That gun won’t shoot. The other one will.” Then he picked up the squirrel rifle, sighted a squirrel-sized object a hundred yards away, and hit it dead center. The farmer bought the squirrel gun.