Why Do Good Things Happen to Bad People?

Why Do Good Things Happen

to Bad People?

Jonah 3

James C. Denison

I have many questions I want to ask God someday. Why did he wait so long to bring us Tony Romo? Why won’t he make Ford bring back the 1966 Mustang? Why didn’t he tell me to buy stock in Apple when people thought it was just something you eat? Why can’t I sing? Crucial questions like these.

Here’s an even harder problem for me: why do good things happen to bad people? How can God be fair and let so many sins go unpunished, so many crimes go unsolved, so many criminals go uncaught?

According to the FBI, a crime occurs in America every 22.7 seconds. Only 46.7 percent of crimes are ever solved.

Why were so many thousands of innocent employees hurt by the Enron collapse? The Darfur genocide has killed more than 400,000 and displaced 2.5 million. More than 800,000 people have died in Iraq and Afghanistan since 9/11, and Osama bin Laden is still free. If God were fair, none of these things would be true, or so it seems.

Last week we learned that God Almighty is also Love Almighty, the God who is love. In everything he does, everywhere he does it, he is love. This week we will explore the other side of the coin: Love Almighty is Judge Almighty. He is the judge of every sin and sinner, of every person and nation, of every unrepentant Nineveh on earth.