What You See Is What You Get

We hope to be in position to vote as a congregation on this initiative during the weekend of February 16-17, to apply for needed zoning and permits immediately thereafter, and to begin the fund-raising dimension of the work after Easter.

Meanwhile, let us pray. Let us seek God’s face, his will. For our church and for each of our lives personally. Let us seek God’s vision, for it is far greater than any we can achieve ourselves.

These fishermen could not see how their faith would change their world. 70 people meeting in an elementary school could not see how their faith would change our lives. We cannot see how our faith in 2002 will change the generations to come. But it will.

My friend and mentor Dr. John Haggai once spoke words, which challenge me to this day: “Let us attempt something so great that it is doomed to fail unless God be in it.”