The United Nations And The United States

The United Nations and the United States

Matthew 6:19-24

Dr. Jim Denison

Why is the United Nations at odds with the United States?

We were instrumental in founding the UN. The term “United Nations” was first coined by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The organization was created under American leadership, and is headquartered in New York City.

Other permanent members of the UN Security Council include Britain, France, the Russian Federation, and China, each of whom we aided during World War II at the cost of over 400,000 American lives.

Yet most members of the UN have continued to criticize the American position on disarming Iraq. Why?

It’s over purpose.

Europe is committed to socialism, America to capitalism. But there’s more.

Europe affirms secularism passionately, while America is the most religious democracy on earth. Europeans in the main reject moral absolutes and judgments, and find President Bush’s description of an “axis of evil” to be contemptible.

Europe is committed to a collective identity through the UN. Two nationalism-based World Wars have caused Europeans to conclude that national identities lead to war. America believes as strongly in our distinct national identity as Europe does in its collective existence.