The Only Path To Peace

The Only Path to Peace

Isaiah 11:1-9

Dr. Jim Denison

Have you seen the television program Extreme Makeover? If not, that makes two of us. And apparently, only two of us. Makeover shows are multiplying faster than interest on your Christmas credit card purchases. I heard on the news this week that 40 such shows are in the planning stages now. Everything from people being kidnapped and “made over” to houses being “made over” without the owner’s knowledge or consent. If there’s a Purgatory, television viewers don’t have to go there.

Hollywood is an effective barometer for our culture. They only make shows which will sell advertising. And they can only sell advertising if we watch. So the popularity of “makeover” shows tells us something about our dissatisfaction with our lives. Surveys indicate that two out of three Americans are not happy with their appearance, their finances, or their lives. And Hollywood knows it.

What would you like made over in your life? I’ll bet your answer relates to peace, a solution to turmoil or conflict somewhere in your life. And I’ll bet that you have struggled to find that peace. You may be looking in the wrong place. The way to peace is simpler, and more surprising, than you may know.