The Family’s True Success

Our church is committed passionately to children and families. This is why Martha Howard would teach five year olds for 53 years. It’s why our capital project is so crucial, so we can build space for our preschoolers, children, and youth, and give to the next generation what the last generation gave to us. By God’s grace, we will see our children become God’s children as we follow him by faith. Then every child can know God as this child does. Of all the wonderful correspondence I’ve received regarding our capital expansion, here’s the finest letter yet:

Dear Dr. Denison,

I decided to have a garage sale to help raise money for our new building. We have not had it yet, but we will before the end of May. Here is the money I think I can make. I’m real excited about the new library and hamburger place. I used to go there with Mommy during the week. We have two new babies now and our stroller doesn’t make it down the stairs very easily. I saw you on the video. I like the picture of the building going up.

Thank you for working so hard so I can have a new library and hamburger place.

Your friend,

Alexander Coronado, 4

Let’s commit our families to true success. Let’s choose to obey and honor parents, and to be godly parents. For every Alexander in Dallas and beyond, to the glory of God.