The Da Vinci Code Jesus

The Da Vinci Code Jesus

Revelation 5

Dr. Jim Denison

The Da Vinci Code is the most controversial book of this generation. Never before in American history has a bestselling book so defamed biblical Christianity. The movie version will only fan the flames.

It is crucial that you know the truth behind the fiction, for the sake of your own soul and spiritual health. And for the sake of those you know. The book and movie give us an unprecedented opportunity to talk to friends and neighbors about the controversy and the One at the heart of it all. But we have to know the truth before we can give it to those we care about.

We’ll start today with the central issue of the book and the controversy: the divinity of Jesus Christ.

The Da Vinci Code Jesus

Dan Brown centers his plot in two so-called experts: a Harvard professor of religious symbols named Robert Langdon and an English historian named Leigh Teabing. Mr. Teabing makes especially astounding claims against Jesus:

“Until that moment in history [at the Council of Nicaea, AD 325], Jesus was viewed by His followers as a mortal prophet…a great and powerful man, but a man nonetheless. A mortal” (p. 233, emphasis his).