The Baby Who Made His Cradle

The Baby Who Made His Cradle

Isaiah 9:6-7 / Colossians 1:15-20

Dr. Jim Denison

We’re talking today about the power of power. The most recent BusinessWeek features the latest electronic gadgets: a cell phone which surfs the web, takes pictures, plays music, and makes video calls; a camera a which seamlessly connects to a Wi-Fi network at home and on the road to email photos to friends; golf balls which come imbedded with computer chips, and a device to find them when they’re lost; a device you can connect to your television which beams the broadcast over the Internet to your PC anywhere in the world. But none of them are any good without an old fashioned electrical socket.

Last week we learned that the Christ of Christmas is our Wonderful Counselor. But the best counselor is the one who advises you, then gives you the power to do what he says. Where do you need a Mighty God this morning?

Jesus’ power before Christmas

Jesus was the only baby who created his parents. He was the only newborn who created the place where he was laid. He was the only child who created the adults who celebrated his birth.