Strength in Seismic Times

Strength in Seismic Times

Acts 4:23-31

James C. Denison

These were the headlines one day last week:

Pakistan quake kills 170, leaves thousands homeless

Paterson calls for federal rescue package for states

Fighting in Congo approaches Goma

Suicide attacks kill dozens in Somalia

China investigates tainted eggs in new food scare

Boy is 23rd child abandoned at Nebraska hospital

Market motion sickness to continue

Panel rebukes FDA on plastic bottle safety

It makes you want to throw away the paper before you read it and refuse to open the Internet, doesn’t it? Sixteen years ago, historian Francis Fukuyama spoke of the times as “the end of history.” He meant that history defined as the clash between nations and cultures was at its end. The demise of the Soviet Union ended the Cold War and would bring democracy to Russia and Eastern Europe. The technological revolution would create a new global economy, one in which progress was inevitable. “The world is flat,” Thomas Friedman wrote—the Internet would make the world smaller and the nations more cooperative and synergistic than ever before.