Life’s “One Thing”

Life’s “One Thing”

Matthew 4:12-17

Dr. Jim Denison

Have you made any New Year’s resolutions? It seems the Babylonians started the tradition 4,000 years ago, resolving to return borrowed farm equipment. I didn’t borrow any farm equipment this year, but nonetheless made a resolution I want to tell you about today. Most of you made one as well.

Why? Something in us knows that we’re not all we should be. Does anyone here believe that you’ve completely arrived? That you are doing all God intends you to do with the life he has given you? That your life has completely fulfilled its God-given purpose?

Can you define your purpose, your reason for being?

It’s imperative that we find our “one thing.” This William Barclay quote is crucial to my life: “A man will never become outstandingly good at anything unless that thing is his ruling passion. There must be something of which he can say, ‘For me to live is this.'” Do you know your “reason to live”?

What should your life purpose be this year? God’s word answers our question today.