How to Leave a Legacy

When our work is done, our businesses gone or run by others, our possessions and achievements forgotten, who will outlive us? Who will continue our legacy? People, with our families first.

Whose lives are you intentionally influencing right now? Who is on your list of legacy-builders? Do you have such a list? When will you make one? Ruth chose Naomi. In whose life are you investing today, for eternity’s sake?

You need a strategy for leaving a legacy. We all do.

Bob Buford’s story is well-known to many of us. A Tyler cable executive, he determined that he wanted his life to be not only successful but also significant. And so he made a “half time” career change, investing the majority of his time and resources in the creation of a network to bring ministry leaders together from around the globe. Leadership Network is today the largest and most effective such ministry in the world.

I want you to read the book he wrote about all this. Half Time: Changing Your Game Plan from Success to Significance is a practical guide for creating your legacy, determining your lasting significance in life.

You can start right now. Ask God for the next step in his strategy for your legacy. How will you invest more fully in your relationship with him? With your family? With other people and their eternal souls? What is your plan? What will you do now?


Here’s the result of Ruth’s faithfulness to God and people: Ruth had a son named Obed, and “He was the father of Jesse, the father of David” (Ruth 4:17). God made this Moabite woman the great-grandmother of the greatest King in Israel’s history.

And in Matthew’s genealogy of the Messiah we read in 1:5, “Boaz the father of Obed, whose mother was Ruth.” Ruth became an ancestor of the Lord Jesus himself.

Now Jesus invites us to remember his legacy, and to continue it. To come to the Table which reminds us of his death for us, and to carry the news of his love to people across our community this week. To love God in gratitude with our heart, soul, and mind; to love our neighbor as ourselves. To continue his legacy by building our own.

When worship is done today, where will you begin?